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Meet The Brave Team

Facing their own struggles with being accepted for who they are, The Brave Team comes together with Zana to put an end to bullying at Voltron Elementary School.

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Zana is a bright little girl who is very caring and giving at such a young age. She is also very smart. Her parents enrolled her in talented and gifted programs. What her teachers and parents didn’t know was Zana was being bullied.  


Karlie is a fashion-forward, spunky little girl bursting with personality and wit.  She is a very protective friend and loyal to those that are loyal to her.



Dylan is a somewhat boujee little girl. Her parents are community leaders. Dylan is best friends with Miguel and super close with both Zana and Karlie. 



Jace is captain of the basketball team for Voltron Elementary.  He is also President of student council and the most popular kid in school.  All of girls think he’s super cute and strong. Jace is Zana’s next door neighbor and best friend. 



Miquel is in the talented and gifted program with Zana and has an IQ that makes him the envy of all the smart kids. He’s a computer whiz and a mathematical genius.  He is best friends with Dylan and is also very good friends with Zana and Jace.  Miquel is a Dreamer who is afraid that his parents will be deported any day now.  

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The Bullies


Johnny the Bully terrorizes everyone in the school by teasing, taunting and hitting someone new daily.  He acts up in class and doesn’t listen to teachers.

The Mean Twins.png

The Mean Twins

Amber (left) and Autumn (right) are twins. They wear all the coolest clothes and shoes. They are mean, snobby and conceited. They’re on the cheerleading squad. 

Johnny the Bully.png
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