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About the Brave Author

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Photo by:  Shamecka Nelson

L.K. Mason

L. K. Mason has always had a love of writing.  Writing poetry and rhymes has been one of L. K. Mason’s favorite pastimes, from elementary school through college.  She was often labeled a “teacher’s pet” or “brown-nose” because English, Writing and Spanish teachers and professors marveled at her writing abilities.  Her essays and term papers were often read aloud in class as examples of how a work should be properly written.  So, it wasn’t a surprise to those that know her that she would write a book.

L.K. Mason obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Kent State University. In addition to taking classes, she tutored students in several at-risk programs including Upward Bound and Kent State’s KEEP program, all while working full-time at a child welfare agency. While continuing along the path of her mission to impact the lives of youth and devote time to community service, L. K. Mason was also an Executive Board Member alongside Kevin and Kim Stringer for the nonprofit youth outreach program they established in honor of their brother, Korey Stringer, upon his untimely death during training camp with the Minnesota Vikings.  Additionally, L. K. Mason served as liaison between Grammy award-winning singer, Usher Raymond’s, management team and his fan club, The Usherworld Fan Club.  Witnessing her obvious passion for youth empowerment, Usher’s team invited her to volunteer at Usher’s New Look Foundation, the singer’s annual two-week business camp centering on sports, music, dance, videography and acting.

Subsequently, L. K. Mason was tapped to join the team of Tyrese Gibson, Grammy-nominated singer and actor in the Transformer and Fast and Furious movie franchises, among others.  With Tyrese, L. K. Mason has worked on two books. She conducted research, transcribed and formulated questions for his New York Times best-selling book, Manology, co-authored with Rev Run of the famed hip hop group, Run DMC.  She also contributed to Tyrese’s yet to be released self-improvement book, Black Rose.  In addition, L. K. Mason organizes, facilitates and moderates media press conference calls for Tyrese including those with artists on the rise and his A-list celebrity friends such as Lee Daniels. She has assumed many duties working alongside Tyrese besides media press conference calls such as recruiting on-location staff, composing and handling business correspondence emails with fans, prospective business partners, corporate America and international multibillionaires. The most satisfying outcome from the many responsibilities she assumes is the positive impact on all the lives she touches.

Even in the midst of battling with debilitating medical issues that impaired her ability to be as hands-on and active in the aforementioned movements and previously mentioned opportunities for several years, L. K. Mason still strives to make a difference in the lives of youth.  The heartbreak it caused when she wasn’t healthy enough to accept offers to move to Los Angeles and become the success she had always believed she’d be was almost as detrimental to her health as her illnesses.  It was more frustrating and depressing than the constant testing and doctor’s appointments.  She had to undergo lumbar punctures to remove excess cerebral spinal fluid due to a condition called pseudo tumor cerebri and take a strong anticonvulsant medication that causes her to sleep or be extremely lethargic most of the day due to a condition called trigeminal neuralgia.  L. K. Mason channeled her frustration and confusion about her illness into her writing as a way to release stress and attempt to have some sort of normalcy in her life.   The disability made her even more determined to be an example to youth that not only can you overcome bullying, if you never give up, you can make it through anything even heartbreak and health issues. 

The trajectory of all of these experiences led L. K. Mason to writing Zana the Brave, her latest and most exciting endeavor to date.  As her health permits, she aims to diligently strive to take the Zana the Brave series and franchise to heights greater than she can even imagine.

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